Art and museums

A remarkable building, visible along the main road to Fregona, is the 17th century Villa Troier-Salvador-Bacchiani.

The main Church of Fregona, close to the villa, was completed in 1820. Its neo-Gothic bell-tower was built from 1881 to 1903 using local stones and following the directives of the master builder Francesco Ciprian from Osigo.

The church is adorned with several works of art - an altarpiece by Sebastiano Ricci (1703-4), depicting the souls in Purgatory; a canvas by Francesco Da Re "The Apostles' Communion" painted in the early 18th century; two paintings, respectively by Orazio Vecellio, Titian's son, and his cousin Cesare, "Saint John the Baptist between Saint Lucia and Saint Catherine of Alexandria" (1575) and "The Madonna with Child between Saint Titian and Saint Biagio" (1576).

The outstanding pipe organ was built by Zuane da Lìmana (1783).

A masterpiece by Francesco da Milano, "The Altarpiece of Saint George", dated to the beginning of the 16th century, is kept in the Osigo Parish Church. Noteworthy is an imposing stone candle holder with flowery engravings, made by Nadal Da Piai in 1696. Of interest is also the painting of "The Madonna between Saint Peter and Saint Paul" by Moretto (dated between 1585 and 1598).

Two minor churches mentioned on Pope Lucio III's Bull in 1185 are to be remembered. One is Saint Martin's Church in Mezzavilla, where stone fragments dated between the 8th and 10th century are to be found. An interesting wooden icon is visible above the altar. Besides, there is a painting of Saint Martin, which is supposed to be "The Gonfalone" (1535) painted by Francesco Vecellio, Titian's brother.

The Church of Saint Giusto is located in the locality of Fratte. It is a 1743 reconstruction of an old church and it is mentioned in the previously cited papal bull. Inside one can admire an impressive altarpiece of Saint Giusto between Saint Titian and Floriano, painted by Silvestro Arnosti at the end of the 16th century.

Last but not least is the church of Saint Daniel, reachable through an easy pathway interposed by the stations of the Via Crucis and endowed with a breathtaking view of the valley below.

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